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Smile Design
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Teeth Cleaning
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Cosmetic Dentistry
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    Dental Tourism Turkey | Ready to take a step for a Journey ? 

    Get Your Teeth Done in Turkey

    • FDA Approved Materials
    • Support Team  – 1to1 Assistance From Start to End
    • Door-to-Door Transportation
    • 5 Stars Hotel
    • Aftercare Checks When You Get Back
    • Low-cost Dental Treatment Packages

    You found your dental clinic Istanbul to get your trending ‘turkey teeth!

    Check our Turkey dental tourism page

    Dental Clinic in Istanbul

    Get a nice smile that you will have lifetime and your Turkey teeth comes in reasonable costs. Okutan – Dental Center near – to airport and hotels so you will not be bothered by long trips in Istanbul. While our in-house laboratory shorten duration of your trending smile, enjoy your holiday time more.

    Check Dental Price List Turkey,Istanbul for further information to get your teeth !

    infinite smiles at moderate costs - okutan dental clinics in turkey
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    Who is Okutan Dental?

    Okutan Dental Clinic Turkey started its journey in 1984 than dates back to the first clinic opened in Istanbul, growing patient portfolio prompted the Okutan family to open Class A-clinic with the latest tech devices is opened in Istanbul, Halkali again, in 2015.

    review star clinic istanbul, turkeyThe clinic was loved, thus hundreds of reviews came from foreign patiens spreading in platforms, like whatclinic, google reviews, provenexperts and more for supporting us with lovely reviews .

    Many of dental patients have presented their comments on getting dental treatment as satisfactory results after their treatments.

    There is a short list above about what patients asked to know about turkish dentists

    Dental treatments are vary and it can be found all types of dental turkey. Dentistry in Turkey offers high standarts of teeth Turkey. Turkish dentists are trained in univesities in European standarts. Okutan dental Clinic in Istanbul has high tech devices in its facility.

    • All kinds of side benefits are given in tourism packages.
      •      Free 5 stars hotel
      •      Free ride from Airport and to clinic 
    • You can have special treatment plans.
    • Click to have special package deals

    Most Preferred Tourism Packages:

    1. Full mouth implants packages
    2. Hollywood smile
    3. Laminate veneers deals

    Commonly thought benefit of having teeth Turkey is the cost of dental treatment and high quality of your new teeth.

    Compared to the UK, making teeth prices Turkey is cheaper. You can get an All on 4 implant with 24 crowns for approximately 60% to 70% less than you would in the UK. Coming from hands of one of the best dentists in Istanbul. 

    Everyday, Turkish dentists, prosthodontists, dental surgeons perform teeth surgeries, endodontic & orthodontic treatments, surgical tooth extractions, complicated root canal treatments on teeth

    Istanbul has experienced, European-trained dental surgeons that can perform dental procedures for  affordable prices.

    Would you like to know what is great to have cosmetic dentistry in Turkey? 

    Have a nice smile that suits you best with fully visual design given by cosmetic dentist.  You have a choice to select how you will be seen while smiling. 

    Cosmetic dentists in Turkey are well-educated ones that you can find in world quality. Medical schools are challenging and it take several years to become a qualified cosmetic dentist or smile dentist as some says.

    Besides price and holiday opportunity; seeing a whole new country and a historical city like Istanbul which is the best combination of touristic and lively city in world by the way- will give a different taste in your life

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